• Ababa is the first pair of Soul of Africa shoes to use this one-piece sole. They won undivided love and served as inspiration for the further development of this line, and seeing how much they love adults, a Kids version of children was also created, this season in Botanical Green, which can be perfectly matched with an adult pair of the same design and color. They are made from high quality Wild Hide leather in Ethiopia as part of a social entrepreneurship project that provides work, education and support to local communities. Part of the income is returned to these societies through various charitable projects so that children, just like those who wear these shoes, can go to school and receive appropriate medical care and living conditions. They are made by hand from the skins of local farmed cattle and other local materials, ensuring fair wages and working conditions for workers. They have a particularly soft sole with a footprint, which symbolizes the freedom of nomads - as a greeting from the edge of the world, where you run barefoot much more often than we do.

    Ababa leather kids (Botanical Green)


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