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Līga Latkovska,


I am mother and also physiotherapist-osteopath by profession. So I pay a lot of attention to footwear choice, as I know how important is to have healthy and strong feet. Actually it is very simple truth - footwear must not restrict feet in any way, so that muscles can do their job to develop strong and fit. Shoes must not shape the foot. So one of our favorite brands is Vivobarefoot, which perfectly comply with all our needs.

Māra Niedra,


I try to walk 8 to 10 km every day, combining it with my daily routine. My job requires business style dress code, so finding a matching footwear, which is still comfortable to walk longer distances was  kind of challenging.  But since I know Camper shoes, it is not a problem any more. Even a heel styles are comfy for walking quite some miles.  My husband is more into Vivobarefoot and kids love these as well. In my opinion you can save on many things, but not on shoes for growing feet.

Uldis Kļaviņš,

among other things the runner

I have wide variety of running experience - I do city marathons, some ultras and I do like to run in the nature. Which is where I chose barefoot footwear like Vivobarefoot. For few last seasons in trail running series Stirnu Buks I chose Vivobarefoot Primus Trail for soft ground. It is perfect on muddy and wet terrain. Wide and grippy sole gives good stability on the ground. And I like that I shouldn't bother about lacing the shoes during the run. For two last seasons with Vivobarefoot I have finished the season on the pedestal. And I will go with Vivos next season for sure!

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